Full of biblical answers and practical activation, this book seeks to equip believers to explore, finding greater fulfilment of their design and calling. Wisdom illuminates a generous landscape of possibilities for our workplaces, communities, and commissions to the modern mountains of culture. It’s time to find the Kingdom strategies of our age, there is treasure beyond counting.


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In our modern age, the rate of change is prolific, winding the world in a tightly coiled tension that craves breakthrough answers. God intended for His people to carry ingenious, innovative solutions and creative energy through every area of society, modelling the multifaceted character of the Creator who crafted them. The Church’s ability to evolve is essential for an effective future. Through the scriptures runs a divine pattern, from Genesis to Revelation, inception to completion.


Creative Fusion searches the seven linking stages of the Tabernacle pattern that reveal the building layers of a creative force. The Church marks stage six, succeeded only by the restoration of all things. We have been commissioned to call an immense harvest of souls and we will need all the weaponry and innovation the pattern contains. The pieces of the Tabernacle Pattern lie disconnected in the minds of many believers. Like the mechanisms of a clock, they will not activate power in perfect timing without connection to each other and the master clockmaker. Creative Fusion picks up the pieces highlighting their value and connective powerhouse.