The restoration of God's creative power through His church has just begun. He planted a creative DNA in each one of us. Through the stories of David, Solomon, Joseph and others, biblical evidence abounds. Our Creator invites us to a quest; discovering the transformative power within us and how it can change our culture. 

From a decade of developing revelation, Tabernacle was birthed as a pioneering space for God's people to gather and explore. Through prophecy, teaching, artistry and creative freedom, we pursue the quest through growing friendship with God. As we seek new depths of His presence, God takes us beyond our current conception of who He is, and who we are in Him. Birthed in Scotland 5 years ago, the vision continues to grow, and freedom follows wherever it goes!

We had an amazing first USA gathering in 2021! 

If you would like to tap into a brilliant flow of creativity you can join our Streams Creative House Facebook group  and YouTube channel. Also available is our online training course: Limitless