VISION: Re-imagining the world with God


MISSION: Streams Creative House is a catalyst of God’s creativity—activating the powerful DNA that is given to all believers—enabling collaboration with Heaven’s supernatural, innovative ideas and solutions that transform cultures. 


We are a pioneering, prophetic community who believe the Bible resounds with irrefutable proof of a creative power that is planted in every child of God to enable them to fulfil every unique commission to any area of life and culture- through the examples of Joseph, Daniel, David, Solomon, and many others. Despite all this evidence, understanding of this divinely-designed gifting has been lost or distorted—it needs a restoration of truth. We also believe the restoration or the arts in and through the Church is a vital key to activating a wider creative restoration through God’s people. 


John Paul Jackson had a vision, to create a space where believers with exceptional creative talent - who were dedicated to serving the Lord and mastering their craft - could gather to connect, collaborate, engage, educate and edify one another and their communities through their published works of art.  He believed that God had a Master Plan to gather His creative people, anoint them to build a tabernacle type of community where He would be glorified and cultures transformed. While John Paul wasn't able to fulfill that vision in his lifetime, it is our desire to pick up his torch and fan the flame during ours.