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As soon as we hear the word ‘creativity’, we often step aside and open the door for ‘arty’ people. But God planted a creative DNA in every single one of us; the Bible resounds with proof. Through Joseph and Daniel, David and Solomon, genius was evident that we have grown to know and respect. However, what we may not realize is this genius fully activated their God-given creative DNA. We have lost the understanding of what this is, it was gifted to us to use as a glorious weapon—a firepower so that God’s people could excel to help a world that so desperately needs the creative ideas and solutions of heaven.  If you believe you were created by God then Limitless is for you!


From the shelves of heaven the creative mandate is being dusted off and returned to the earth.

Attend a live course, connect with the growing community, and submerge yourself into the power of Limitless.

Take the online video course with a digital PDF manual to complete at your own pace and in your own time.



God's Kingdom continues to advance and if you have ever walked through an armory of the Spirit, the weapons may have surprised you. Among the classic swords and shields did anyone happen to see a song, a paint brush or a dancers shoe, a skillful spreadsheet, an architect's plans or a business strategy? From the shelves of heaven the creative mandate is being dusted off and returned to the earth. Timely defining of our creative DNA lies in God's outstretched hand.


There are two directives: The first is the general outpouring of Kingdom Creativity available to all believers to energize their lives and areas of influence producing new solution, strategy and innovation.


The second is the calling of Creative Warriors, the artisans who combine skill and anointing for a specific reason. The hour strikes a wake-up call for both and their intertwining purposes in the nations. Strategic objectives in the times that lie ahead. This book seeks to unpack those directives, blowing away the foggy mists of forgotten purpose, revealing one of the greatest weapons bestowed upon the church, the creative power of God.



The live Limitless Course includes in-depth teaching, interactive exercises, activation, optional homework assignments and reading assignments.


  • The missing powerhouse of God’s gift of creativity with biblical understanding of it’s source and characteristics

  • How does creativity impact the world around us today?

  • God’s Heavenly Pattern on the Earth- full of the unexpected!

  • Creative prototypes: biblical character who modeled divine creativity

  • Performance and Presence

  • Spiritual Intelligence

  • Working with the supernatural and recognizing divine help

  • Creativity in mission  

  • Impacting culture with practical and supernatural understanding

  • What is heaven like?

  • The power of beauty

  • Why is the opposition so fierce against creativity in the church?

  • Keys to developing divine creativity and being trusted with more

  • Sanctified imagination: Understanding the gift, how to use it and personal impartation

  • The force of the Arts and Entertainment, it’s impact on mankind and understanding how to effectively encourage transformation

  • What do you have in your hand already? Identifying your unique calling in God.



The teaching was phenomenal. It went into areas I never expected. The wisdom component was crucial. The quiet, soaking prayer opened doorways of remembrance as well as unknown delights."

~ Student in Dallas, USA



The same great Limitless Course that provides all of the in-depth teaching, interactive exercises, activation, optional homework assignments and reading assignments in an online format so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home ... or your pajamas!

The online course is designed to help you:

  • Understand what the creativity of God is with biblical evidence of its importance and characteristics

  • Find your God-given creative DNA, then stir and release this within you

  • Connect with God more deeply by exploring parts of His creative character 

  • Understand the expansive and varied language of God more fully 

  • Identify the role and purpose of God’s creativity for the Church and mission

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Includes Online Limitless Course + Downloadable PDF Manual



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"I can’t wait to review the material over and over again. It’s so amazing to find kindred spirits in the Kingdom."

USA Student

"This has truly been the most edifying, anointed, freedom-releasing and motivating course!"

Johannesburg, South Africa Student  

"This weekend has been probably the most important time spent with God this year."

Glasgow, Scotland Student

"I feel this revelation is life-changing for me - I feel valued, empowered and truly freed and you’ve given me the tools to GROW in creativity."

USA Student

"I have been profoundly impacted. I no longer feel that I have to draw, sing or dance like others do. I can simply meet with God, sit at the mercy seat and then be creative through who he has made me to be ~ a teacher of His Word and a business manager."

Johannesburg, South Africa Student